Top 10 Tips for getting out of a reading slump

September 22, 2019

Every reader has been there. You’re on a roll with your reading, and then, all of a sudden…you’re not. No books can keep your attention for longer than a couple of pages, and you find yourself procrastinating doing what you usually love most. But don’t fear! I’ve put together a list of 10 tips for overcoming a reading slump.

Reread a favourite book

This is definitely the most common advice for getting out a reading slump, but it really does work! If I’m in a bad slump I’ll usually turn to Harry Potter to help kickstart my reading again.

Read a short story/novella

I read The Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid earlier this year when I felt a slump coming on, because I know I love her writing, and the fact it was only 50 pages meant I had it finished and my reading re-set in no time. 

Read a short book 

Maybe you don’t count short stories and novellas towards your Goodreads challenge, or you don’t like them in general. Reading a short book can have the same effect of spurring on your reading. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is my go-to for this. 

Do some reading sprints

Set yourself a timer of 15 minutes, and force yourself to read for that entire time. With no distractions, you’ll get through a lot more pages than you think, and this should inspire you to keep going.

Do a buddy read

When you know you’ve got someone counting on you, you're more likely to at least try and pick up your book and get through it. You shouldn't feel pressured to read, but having someone there to discuss the book with can make it a lot more fun. 

Set aside an hour a day for reading

I like to do this by reading for half an hour when I get up, and half an hour before I go to sleep. Having that time blocked out means you will get at least a decent amount of reading done in just one day.

Listen to an audiobook

I always listen to audiobooks when I’m cleaning – they’re such an easy way to build more reading into your day. Swap some of your time spent listening to music or podcasts for an audiobook – you won’t even feel like you’re reading.

DNF that boring book

If the book you’re reading is driving you into a slump because it’s boring or you don’t like it, just put it down! I know the feeling of being caught between wanting to finish a book you’ve invested time and money into, but life’s too short to waste on things you’re not enjoying.

Read a lighter genre

A reading slump usually comes on for me if I’m reading a fantasy book with a lot of complex world-building or a slow paced plot. Swapping the heavier genres like fantasy and historical fiction for a lighter one such as contemporary will make it easier for you to get into the flow of a book.  

Watch BookTube/ Browse Bookstagram

There’s no better way to motivate yourself to read than by connecting with other book lovers! See what books are popular at the moment, join in discussions about books, and you’ll be inspired to get back on the reading train in no time.

I hope these tips are helpful to any of you facing a reading slump at the moment. They’re the worst – but they can be overcome!

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